Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”

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We will introduce you to Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”.
This cup noodle is one of the Nissin Men NIPPON series released around 2017.


The appearance of Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”

Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu has a photo of the finished product printed on the package as it is.

I feel that many soy sauce ramen packages are red. There are many types of soy sauce ramen, so manufacturers would like to have a design that attracts attention when they are displayed.

Two pieces of seaweed and two pieces of char siu. Then there are a lot of finely chopped onions.

There is a little Memma in it, but I haven’t been able to take a good picture.

Let’s evaluate it.

Characteristics and evaluation of Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”.

The characteristics of the cup noodles to be evaluated (what kind of ramen they are) are expressed by a simple classification.

The characteristics of the cup noodles, we prepared the types of flavors, the thickness of the noodles, the viscosity of the soup, spiciness. Since the characteristics has different tastes, it is excluded from the scoring target.


The evaluation of Cup Noodles is carried out by four graders.
The total of 4 graders’ evaluation points and “ease of making” will be evaluated on a scale of 130 points.
If it is difficult to see the table on your smartphone, turn the smartphone sideways to display it.

Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”
the types of flavorssoy saucemiso
”bean paste”
” pig bone”
the thickness of the noodlesvery thinthinnormalthickvery thick
the viscosity of the souplighta little lightnormala little thickthick
spiciness very spicyspicynormalhotvery hot


Grader T

Grader E

Grader R

Grader M

taste intensity533516/20
amount of ingredients 433414/20
taste 354517/20
request for repeat 455418/20
texture of noodles 544316/20
preference 454518/20
ease of making6/10
total points 25/3025/3023/3026/30105
Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”scoring table

ease of making is evaluated by a deduction method from 10 points.

①If the waiting time after adding hot water is 5 minutes or more, 2 points will be deducted.

②If it is difficult to open, 2 points will be deducted.

③If there are 2 or more bags of ingredients and soup, 2 points will be deducted.

④If the required amount of hot water is 400cc or more, 2 points will be deducted.

⑤If hot water drainage or hot water replacement is required, 2 points will be deducted.


Looking at the scoring table, you can see that there are many highly rated 5 points. The score of 105 points is quite high.
Although the score for the amount of ingredients is low, the score is quite high for each item of umami, repeat request, and taste.

Impressions of graders on Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”

How do graders feel about Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”? The graders are free to give their impressions.

Grader TAt first glance, the ingredients seem to be substantial, but the char siu is too poor. It’s a shame because the other items were good.
Grader EAt first, I thought it wasn’t so good when I ate it, but it gradually became more delicious. I like the fact that the soy sauce taste is not monotonous due to the onion accent.
Grader RIt gradually becomes delicious. The taste is just right. The quality of the noodles was good and it was delicious. I want to eat again.
Grader MThere are two types of bags, and it’s a little troublesome to put them in later. But the contents were good! As time went by, the onion taste came out and it was delicious.
list of impressions about Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”

Notably, the grader states that “the soup becomes tastier over time.” You can expect the onions to come out with umami ingredients as the soup cools.
For Hachiohji Tamanegi Shoyu “Nissin”, if you prepare fried rice or dumplings separately and eat slowly, you can feel the change in taste and it seems to be a good feeling.

Let’s enjoy various cup noodles as well.

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