Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”

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We will introduce you to Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”.
This cup noodle is reproduces the taste of Sapporo Junren, a ramen shop that originated in Hokkaido.


The appearance of Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”

Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso is a yellow package reminiscent of miso flavor.

Glittering packages will boost your appetite.

Let’s evaluate it.

Characteristics and evaluation of Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”.

The characteristics of the cup noodles to be evaluated (what kind of ramen they are) are expressed by a simple classification.

The characteristics of the cup noodles, we prepared the types of flavors, the thickness of the noodles, the viscosity of the soup, spiciness. Since the characteristics has different tastes, it is excluded from the scoring target.


The evaluation of Cup Noodles is carried out by four graders.
The total of 4 graders’ evaluation points and “ease of making” will be evaluated on a scale of 130 points.
If it is difficult to see the table on your smartphone, turn the smartphone sideways to display it.

Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”
the types of flavorssoy saucemiso
”bean paste”
” pig bone”
the thickness of the noodlesvery thinthinnormalthickvery thick
the viscosity of the souplighta little lightnormala little thickthick
spiciness very spicyspicynormalhotvery hot


Grader T

Grader E

Grader R

Grader M

taste intensity332210/20
amount of ingredients 423211/20
taste 444315/20
request for repeat 443314/20
texture of noodles 555520/20
preference 443313/20
ease of making4/10
total points 24/3021/3020/3018/3087
Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”scoring table

ease of making is evaluated by a deduction method from 10 points.

①If the waiting time after adding hot water is 5 minutes or more, 2 points will be deducted.

②If it is difficult to open, 2 points will be deducted.

③If there are 2 or more bags of ingredients and soup, 2 points will be deducted.

④If the required amount of hot water is 400cc or more, 2 points will be deducted.

⑤If hot water drainage or hot water replacement is required, 2 points will be deducted.


Many graders rated the taste as too strong.
The texture of the noodles is perfect, but the overall impression was a normal evaluation.
If you adjust the amount of hot water and change the intensity of the taste, the evaluation will change to a high score.

Impressions of graders on Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”

How do graders feel about Junren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”? The graders are free to give their impressions.

Grader TIf you like strong ramen, it will be delicious. Recommended for those who want to easily enjoy authentic ramen at home.
Grader EI felt like I was eating real ramen. I also want to eat ramen at Junren’s shop.
Grader RThe texture of noodles is good. However, it is troublesome to make. This is because there are many sachets.
Grader MI think the taste is strong. But the noodles are delicious.
list of impressions aboutJunren Sapporo Nouko Miso “Sanyo Foods”

The graders have expressed their positive impressions, but why are the scoring results so dry?

Let’s enjoy various cup noodles as well.

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