Cup Noodle”Nissin”

This website evaluates and scores many cup noodles.


We will introduce you to Cup Noodle”Nissin”.
This cup noodle is so famous that almost all Japanese people think they have eaten it once.
This cup noodle is likely to be an evaluation standard, so I dared to select it as an evaluation target.


The appearance of Cup Noodle”Nissin”

The lid of this cup noodle is specially designed.

Finished state

It looks like the ingredients are tightly packed.

Let’s evaluate it.

Characteristics and evaluation of Cup Noodle”Nissin”.

The characteristics of the cup noodles to be evaluated (what kind of ramen they are) are expressed by a simple classification.

The characteristics of the cup noodles, we prepared the types of flavors, the thickness of the noodles, the viscosity of the soup, spiciness. Since the characteristics has different tastes, it is excluded from the scoring target.


The evaluation of Cup Noodles is carried out by four graders.
The total of 4 graders’ evaluation points and “ease of making” will be evaluated on a scale of 130 points.
If it is difficult to see the table on your smartphone, turn the smartphone sideways to display it.

Cup Noodle“Nissin”
the types of flavorssoy saucemiso
”bean paste”
” pig bone”
the thickness of the noodlesvery thinthinnormalthickvery thick
the viscosity of the souplighta little lightnormala little thickthick
spiciness very spicyspicynormalhotvery hot


Grader T

Grader E

Grader R

Grader M

taste intensity414413/20
amount of ingredients 445518/20
taste 444416/20
request for repeat 445417/20
texture of noodles 22116/20
preference 444315/20
ease of making10/10
total points 22/3019/3023/3020/3095
Cup Noodle”Nissin”scoring table

ease of making is evaluated by a deduction method from 10 points.

①If the waiting time after adding hot water is 5 minutes or more, 2 points will be deducted.

②If it is difficult to open, 2 points will be deducted.

③If there are 2 or more bags of ingredients and soup, 2 points will be deducted.

④If the required amount of hot water is 400cc or more, 2 points will be deducted.

⑤If hot water drainage or hot water replacement is required, 2 points will be deducted.


The evaluation with “amount of ingredients” and “ease of making” is high.
But I have the impression that the “texture of noodles” has a low rating.

Impressions of graders on Cup Noodle”Nissin”

How do graders feel about Cup Noodle”Nissin”? The graders are free to give their impressions.

Grader TStable taste. It’s well seasoned, so it’s a good idea to prepare something that can be diluted, such as beer, rice, or bread rolls, and eat it with them. It seems that you can easily eat outdoors when camping or climbing.
Grader EIt is a long-selling product because it is easy to make and has a stable taste. I noticed that the taste was stronger than other cup noodles.
Grader RIt is good to have a lot of ingredients, but the quality of the noodles is not very good. However, consideration is given to customers, such as the fact that it takes less time to make and it is not hot to hold the side of the container.
Grader MIt’s really easy to just open the lid and pour hot water! But I want the noodles to be a little thicker.
list of impressions aboutCup Noodle”Nissin”

It’s interesting because the graders evaluate from various points of view.

Let’s enjoy various cup noodles as well.

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